Daystar Hospitality Group

Creating Experiences

At its core, hospitality is the simple notion of welcoming and hosting friends, guests, or even complete strangers. This idea permeates everything we do, from a comfortable stay at one of our hotels, to calling one of our apartment projects home. Great experiences create great memories, and great memories keep our clientele coming back again and again.

Investing In Opportunity

Opportunity for all is an American ideal. It’s the very reason why our founder emigrated from India with nothing but a strong education, and a few dollars in his pocket. Over the past 30 years, we have leveraged our network, and established a history of successful real estate projects with partnerships from coast to coast.

Promoting Change

We believe in the idea that change is good. In order to stay relevant in our industry, we must continue to evolve in order to stay ahead of the demands of our clientele. We take that same forward thinking and apply it to promoting change in the lives of others who are less fortunate. We started from nothing, and in spite of the successes that we have built, we refuse to forget our roots.

We believe that it is our duty to do our part, and for the past 20 years have been great supporters of several non-profit organizations with strong ties to helping the poor and suffering.